Top style tips from the Bard

William Shakespeare is my fashion idol.

It’s not because of his puffy pantaloons or saggy tights or frilly Elizabethan collars though I could make a solid argument for a pantaloon revival in the New Year. They’re probably more comfortable than yoga pants. And one…

Spoiler alert: I didn’t

I am here! Fortunately, I arrived at old age with only a few hitches along the way. From what I’ve seen so far, it looks similar to young age but surprisingly, may most resemble adolescence.

I mean, in childhood parents and teachers told me what to…

How my sister forgave my crime of fashion

School pictures were like final exams for your face. They went on your permanent record.

Back when good cameras were rare and film unpredictable, a “professional” school picture was the most reliable barometer of who you were and what you wore, albeit a stiff formal portrait version of yourself.


See you wherever we land

Thinking about Joseph Francis Mckenna.

We met as kids at the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The parish was established in 1875. We attended almost a century later. Joe recalled that when seated in alphabetical order, we Micks formed a pod. He and Tim…

Seven ways to stop beating yourself up on the page

“There will be more words written on Twitter in the next two years than contained in all books ever printed.” Christian Rudder, author of Dataclysm: Who We Are

I was doing research for a print magazine story when I stumbled…

I’ve written professionally since just short of forever. As a regional journalist for a daily newspaper, I earned a decent enough living. My articles were regularly reprinted in newspapers nationwide. Reporters did not earn additional money for reprints but the idea that editors I’d never met chose to devote precious…

We stood around a plaza in Delhi, India, near a post office or visa office, some sort of public building with space out front where young travelers gathered. The details blur. What remains in razor-sharp focus is how my eighteen-year-old self felt when I saw her; brutally smug.

She was…

Women need stilettos like fish need bicycles

A funny thing happened on the way to the White House: Stiletto heels!

A bunch of Boomer Zoomers and I were talking about the wonders of the inauguration celebration. The extraordinary young poet Amanda Gorman absolutely wowed us all. Jennifer Lopez sounded powerful…

Vivian McInerny

Career journalist, essayist, fiction writer, and life-long spirit-quester.

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