Wild in Love

Vivian McInerny
Jul 14, 2023
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You hold up the wall

with your lean back, and a grin

that says, I know how good I look here

in the dim gray dusk,

slim and hale and raw,

hat brim bent low. The full head tilt.

And that gaze,

true as a stag

in the wild,

but with a beer in hand.

I nod. I’ve seen this play. I know this act.

My cue to exit. I turn away. You and your sham free ways

won’t work on me.


here you are in the pale dawn of morn, that same face,

calm and tame,

sly eyes

that even when shut, seem to wink

at our love over and over and over.



Vivian McInerny

Career journalist, essayist, fiction writer, and life-long spirit-quester.